2017 Tax Payments:
The Marlborough Tax Office will happily accept the 2nd installment of your 2017 property taxes (which are due in January). This 2nd installment may be paid by bringing your tax bill and payment to the Tax Office at Town Hall before this Friday at 12:00 noon. Paying this installment before the new year begins may allow you to deduct the taxes paid on your 2017 tax return. (Please consult your tax professional for any tax advice.)

2018 Tax Payments:
Because the new tax laws that were recently passed by Congress may limit the property tax deduction for many homeowners, residents are asking to pre-pay their 2018 property taxes. Please note that we are unable to accept any payments for the 2018 tax year until the next budget is voted on and the 2018 mill rate is determined.

Pay Your Taxes Online


By clicking Secure Online Payment Optionyou can pay all your town taxes at a single location online. Pay your Real Estate tax, Personal Property tax, Motor Vehicle tax, Supplemental Motor Vehicle tax, or other taxes now!

Marlborough’s Tax Collector, Barbara C. Murray, reminds taxpayers that the tax office accepts credit or debit card payments, ACH-online checking, using Master Card or Visa. There is a bank transaction fee of 3% for credit card payments.

Questions should be directed to the tax office at 295-6205.