Assessment Appeals

Connecticut’s has an appeals process for those who question the accuracy of their real estate, motor vehicle or personal property taxes. The process generally involves appealing property assessments to the local Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA) or to the Superior Court.

In Marlborough, the local board of assessment appeals is responsible for hearing property assessment appeals from property owners who believe that their assessments are incorrect or unfair. The Board consists of local residents elected every four years. In the November 2023 election, the Board will gain an additional 2 seats due to the revised Charter, for a total of five members.

Each year, there is a period of time when property owners can submit an application and present their case to the board, providing evidence or arguments to support their claim of an incorrect assessment. The board reviews the evidence and makes a decision on whether to uphold or adjust the assessment. 

If a property owner disagrees with the decision of the local board of assessment appeals, they can further appeal to the Connecticut Superior Court. The court process involves presenting evidence and arguments to a judge, who will make a final determination on the assessment.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the schedule for assessment appeals in Marlborough, please contact the Tax Assessor's office.

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