Conservation Commission

The Commission meets on the first Monday of every month at 7:00pm at Town Hall.

The Conservation Commission has a dual authority as an advisory and regulatory Commission. In accordance with CGS 7 – 131a the Commission has an advisory role relating to energy use, land conservation, and land use. In accordance with GS 22a-42 the Commission acts in regulatory role as the Town Inland Wetland & Watercourses Commission. 

The Commission develops and establishes Inland Wetland & Watercourses Regulations that determine how land can be utilized within the municipality. Their Regulations set the regulatory limits of the Commission’s upland jurisdiction. The Commission reviews land use applications within 200 feet of watercourses and wetlands (e.g., residential, commercial, industrial), to determine any potential impact to the watercourse and/or wetland from the development proposal.

The Commission conducts public hearings for applications when there is potential for a significant activity that could have an adverse impact to the watercourse or wetlands. These hearings provide an opportunity for the public to express their opinions and concerns about potential impacts to the watercourse or wetland from the development proposal. 

The Commission, along with the Wetland Enforcement Officer, oversees the enforcement of zoning regulations. They work to investigate potential violations, issue citations, and take appropriate enforcement actions to ensure compliance with the established regulations.

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(May 20th Shredding Event)

Yvonne Bolton (D) 2025
Emanuel Hatzikostas (U/D) 2025
David Blish (U) 2026
Martha Smigel (U) 2026
David Pratt (R) 2026

Robert C. Hamilton (D) 2026
Beth Lander Morris (D)  2026
Elliot Ortiz (R) 2026