The Board of Education in Marlborough is responsible for overseeing and making decisions related to the local elementary public education system at Elmer Thienes/Mary Hall School. Some of the common roles and responsibilities of this Board of Education includes:

Policy Making: The board establishes policies and guidelines for the district, ensuring that they align with state and federal laws while also addressing the specific needs of the community.

Budget Development and Oversight: The board is responsible for developing and approving the district's budget. They work closely with school administrators to allocate funds appropriately, considering factors such as staff salaries, educational resources, facility maintenance, and transportation.

Superintendent Selection and Evaluation: The board typically hires and evaluates the superintendent, who serves as the chief executive of the school district. They collaborate with the superintendent to set goals, monitor progress, and make important decisions regarding curriculum, staffing, and student achievement.

Curriculum and Standards: The board collaborates with administrators and educators to establish and update the curriculum framework, ensuring that it meets the state standards and prepares students for success. They may also approve new courses or programs based on the needs and interests of the students and the community.

Community Engagement: Board of Education members act as liaisons between the district and the community, representing the interests of the residents and families. They hold public meetings, listen to concerns, and communicate important information about the district's activities and decisions.

Student Welfare and Performance: The board monitors student performance and progress, striving to improve educational outcomes. They may set goals for student achievement, review standardized test scores, and ensure that appropriate support systems are in place for students with special needs.

For precise and up-to-date information about the roles and functions of the Marlborough Board of Education, I recommend visiting the official website of the Marlborough school district (at Link) or contacting the local administrative office directly.

Raymond Morris (U) 2025
Linda Earley (D) 2025
Angela R. Colantonio (U/D) 2025
Kerri Barella (R) 2027
Amy Kuhrt (R) 2027
Sue Stolfi (R) 2025
Jean Wilson (D) 2027