Zoning Commission

The Commission meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00pm at Town Hall.

The Zoning Commission develops and establishes zoning regulations that determine how land can be utilized within the municipality. These regulations typically include provisions related to land use categories (e.g., residential, commercial, industrial), permitted activities within each category, building setbacks, lot sizes, density requirements, signage regulations, and other development standards.

The Commission reviews applications to Amendment the Zoning Regulations and/or Zoning Map, Site Plan Development, and Special Permit. They assess proposed projects against the established zoning requirements and make decisions regarding approvals, denials, or conditions on development.

The Commission conducts public hearings for applications to amend the Zoning Regulations and/or   Zoning Map and Special Permit applications to provide an opportunity for input and feedback from residents, property owners, and other stakeholders regarding proposed applications. These hearings provide an opportunity for the public to express their opinions and concerns about potential impacts on the community. 

The Zoning Commission, along with the Zoning Enforcement Officer, oversee the enforcement of zoning regulations. They work to investigate potential violations, issue citations, and take appropriate enforcement actions to ensure compliance with the established regulations.

Zoning Map

Existing Lot Size Map

William B. Lardi (U/D) 2027
Robert Fraulino (R) 2025
Mark Merritt (U/R) 2025
Eric Colantonio (U/R) 2025
Charles Denler (D) 2027

Christopher Wherry (R) 2027
Nicholas Hale (D) 2025
Erik Stomburg (D) 2025