Sexton and Cemeteries


Cemetery Committee's Mission Statement
"Our purpose and mission is to maintain and preserve a safe, serene, and reverent environment to memorialize and honor the deceased. To that end, we will establish "Rules and Regulations" for the cemeteries, establish burial fees, and create guidelines for the sexton and visitors."

Marlborough maintains three active cemeteries:
- Marlboro Cemetery (Town Center on Rt. 66)
- Century Cemetery (Corner of South Main and School Drive)
- Jones Hollow Cemetery (West Rd., past Blackledge River Trail)
Our fourth cemetery is historic; no additional plots are available
- Fawn Brook Cemetery (South Main, past Kellogg Road)

The first documented mention of a Town Cemetery dates back to 1857, and the first full Cemetery Committee was established on October 7th, 1880

While the Cemetery Committee does its best to keep our Marlborough cemeteries beautiful, we need the cooperation and assistance of plot owners, and the family and fiends of those who are buried here, to abide by the rules and regulations established by the Cemetery Committee.

For all cemetery information, please contact Sexton Chris Passera

Christopher Passera, Sexton

Marlborough residents interested in purchasing cemetery lots or cremation niches, or general cemetery questions may reach the Sexton Chris Passera at 860-295-6229 or by emailing him at