Town Manager

The Town Manager, David R. Porter - August 7, 2023

In 2021, the vote to approve revising the Town’s Charter included changing the executive leadership from an elected First Selectman to an appointed Town Manager.  Upon passage of the revised Charter which lacked a transition plan for the executive role, the First Selectman was required to step down and, per the Charter, the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen was appointed to serve as the Acting Chief Executive Officer for 90 days.  At the conclusion of the 90 days, she was selected to serve as the Interim Town Manager until a new Town Manager is hired in the near future.

Marlborough’s Town Manager serves as the chief executive officer of the town. The Town Manager is responsible for the overall management and administration of the town's operations and works closely with elected officials, department heads, and community stakeholders to ensure efficient and effective delivery of services. The key responsibilities of our Town Manager include:

Administrative Leadership: The Town Manager provides leadership and direction to town employees and oversees the day-to-day operations of various departments. The Manager hires, supervises, directs, and evaluates staff members and promotes a positive work environment.

Financial Management: The Town Manager prepares the annual budget, working with department heads to allocate resources appropriately and presents the budget to the Board of Selectmen, and then to the Board of Finance. The Manager is responsible for monitoring financial performance, identify cost-saving measures, and ensuring compliance with budgetary guidelines.

Policy Implementation: The Town Manager executes policies and decisions made by the Board of Selectmen (BOS). The Manager provides advice and information to help the BOS make informed decisions and ensure effective implementation of adopted policies.

Community Engagement: The Town Manager plays a crucial role in fostering community engagement and maintaining positive relationships with residents, community organizations, and business leaders. The Manager routinely attend public meetings, address citizen concerns, and collaborate with stakeholders on initiatives that enhance the community's well-being.

Strategic Planning: The Town Manager participates in long-term strategic planning to set goals and objectives for the town's growth and development. They may work with various stakeholders, outside agencies, Boards, and Commissions to develop comprehensive plans, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement strategies to enhance the quality of life for residents.

Intergovernmental Relations: The Town Manager represents the town's interests in dealings with other governmental entities and representatives such as federal and state agencies or leaders from neighboring municipalities. They collaborate with regional organizations and participate in inter-municipal initiatives to address common issues and leverage shared resources.

For more information on the specific duties and authority of the Town Manager, please refer to the town's Charter.