Life in Marlborough Today

Historic Marlborough Tavern
Photo courtesy of Gil Thompson

When accessing Marlborough from Route 2 or Route 66, you’ll find yourself entering a gem of a town surrounded by the tranquil waters of Lake Terramuggus, fish-laden streams, and a number of walking trails.  There are thriving local businesses, lovely neighborhoods, Blish Park, and we are proud to say, a single traffic light.  Marlborough is a community that aims to enhance the lives of its residents, balancing their needs with the promise of a strong future.

Marlborough – A Desirable Place to Live and Work

Our town is home to 6410 residents who enjoy a variety of neighborhood settings, ranging from newly built developments to established streets lined with trees and stone walls to lovely, winding roads that give the town a touch of rural charm.  Travel the streets of our town, and you’ll understand why our residents have settled here: not far from Hartford and several other larger cites, you retreat into a haven that cares about the needs of its residents, provides access to shopping and recreational activities, and celebrates a number of faith communities.  Marlborough also hosts a variety of businesses, many of which are members of the Marlborough Business Association.  Whether you live in Marlborough or you work here, you know that you’ve settled in an established, scenically beautiful and progressive town that truly cares about both its residents and its business owners.

Marlborough – A Community that Cares

The types of services that are available in our town say a great deal about what we value. First and foremost, Marlborough values its residents, from its youngest to its oldest, and is fully committed to meeting their needs.  Some particular sources of pride for Marlborough are the Elmer Thines-Mary Hall Elementary School, the Richmond Memorial Library, the Marlborough Arts Center, the Senior Center, Marlborough Health Care and Rehabilitation, and Middlesex Emergency Care. Also, our residents have access to the premier services of Andover, Hebron and Marlborough Youth Services (AHM), an organization that focuses on the well-being of youth and families. We are also home to a local Food Bank created to help those residents in need. Many of the services mentioned are supported by volunteers, who behind the scenes bring the values of our community to life.  We are also home to a stellar volunteer Fire Department and in-town residential Police.  Marlborough is truly a town supported by its people and for its people, and we are proud of all we have to offer.