Director:  Vi Schwarzmann

Location: 17 School Drive, Marlborough, CT

Hours:      Mon – Fri from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Phone:      860-295-6209

Email:       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Welcome to the Town of Marlborough’s Senior Center! We have a variety of activities and services that we offer our senior residents on a weekly basis.  We are committed to providing enriching, inclusive and satisfying events and activities as well as services aimed to support the well-being, health and independence of our senior population.

 Please come on in to meet us - we are confident you will like what you see and you may even make a new friend or two!

The best way to learn more about our services and activities is to click on the various links below:

Activities & Events

Community Café:

In collaboration with the Community Renewal Team (CRT), the Marlborough Senior Center offers and hosts a Community Café serving complete and healthy meals at noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These meals are for residents 60 years of age or older, their spouses or special guests. It is recommended that you pre-register for these meals to ensure we are able to accommodate all patrons. You may sign-up at the Senior Center or by calling the Senior Center at 860-295-6209. Suggested donation is $2.50 per meal/per person.

For homebound clients, meals are delivered through the “Meals on Wheels” program. Additional information on this program can be obtained by calling the Senior Center.

Services & Support


Our transportation system offers daily rides to the senior center, shopping, our local food bank, doctor’s appointments, other professional or recreational activities. We require a 36-hour advance reservation to be sure requests can be accommodated. Please stop into the senior center or call us at 860-295-6209 to make a transportation reservation.

We offer this service to seniors or disabled persons and our driver must adhere to a pre-planned route, without additional stops or changes made during the route. Due to safety rules and regulations, there is no exception to this rule.

Transportation is also available on a monthly basis to area malls or an event/activity of a senior’s choice, with prior approval through our senior center.

Food Bank of Marlborough

Outreach to Seniors:

We are fully committed to providing opportunities to our seniors that enrich their lives socially, physically and emotionally. Through various activities and services, we connect with and get to know our senior population – we get to know their needs, their schedules and their chosen lifestyle. So, when we haven’t seen or heard from one of our residents, we will reach out to check in to be sure everything is alright. It is comforting to us to ensure our residents are safe and healthy and we hope our residents experience security in our outreach and out-stretched hand of care.

State, Fuel and Energy Assistance Programs:

We are here to help you understand the various assistance programs available for you, based on your individual situation.  We offer personal one-on-one confidential assistance for our senior residents at the Senior Center, Monday – Friday from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.  Feel free to stop in or call us at 860-295-6209 to schedule an appointment.