Justices of the Peace

Marlborough’s Justices of the Peace (JP’s) are officials who are authorized to perform various civil ceremonies and legal functions. Their role can include:

Performing Marriages:
Justices of the Peace in Connecticut have the authority to officiate at wedding ceremonies. They can solemnize marriages and ensure that the legal requirements for a valid marriage are met.
Administering Oaths: JPs may administer oaths or affirmations to individuals who need to make sworn statements or affirm the truthfulness of certain documents.
Witnessing Signatures: They can witness and authenticate signatures on legal documents, such as affidavits, contracts, or other written instruments.
Civil Functions: Justices of the Peace may be involved in various civil functions, such as issuing subpoenas, taking depositions, and acknowledging legal instruments.

For additional information about the services provided by Justices of the Peace, or to be nominated for an opening, please contact the Town Clerk at townclerk@marlboroughct.net.

Richard F. Denno (R) 2025
Evelyn Godbout (D) 2025
John H. Grasso (D) 2025
Linda E. Herrmann (R) 2025
Ken Hjulstrom (R) 2025
Michele Anne Kacy (R) 2025
John L. Kaplan (D) 2025
Judithe Hanover Kaplan (D) 2025
Brian Laroe (D) 2025
David W. Morganson (R) 2025
Logan Tyler (U) 2025